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Mint Build is a real-estate development company based in Seattle, Washington. 


As life-long Seattle residents, we are deeply rooted in the neighborhoods where we work. Our families are part of these communities and we take great care and pride in energizing these neighborhoods with mindful, high-quality work. Every project is an opportunity to enhance our neighborhoods, make smart sustainable decisions and act as good stewards of our built environment. We believe in the importance of good buildings because we understand that the quality of a home shapes the quality of life. 


We are committed to progressive design with an emphasis on craft, clarity and balance. Our work aspires toward the well-crafted, optimistic, simply articulated and engaging. We expect our projects to reflect the dedication and high quality that defines our company.


We bring years of experience to our work and strive to deliver an exceptional product that surpasses the typical and inspires how Seattle lives.


We team with real estate professionals, land purveyors and property owners to deliver integrated, cost-effective and valued projects. These local partnerships are based on a commitment to responsible development in Seattle's core neighborhoods. If you have ideas or opportunities to share we are interested in hearing from you.

Mint Build LLC | 7511 Greenwood Avenue N #224 Seattle WA 98103

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